Counter Tops & Mantels

Cornwall Concrete Carries Three Types Of Products For Countertops And Mantels

Come into the store or check out the specific product pages to compare the difference between Granite and Quartz. As well, check out the new product Dekton, which is stronger and more heat resistant than the other two products.

Regardless of your project, the professionals at Cornwall Concrete Products will make sure you get all the information you require to walk away with the proper product you need to get your job completed.


A man-made product that tends to be very consistent in design and allows you to have significantly more control over the look of the end product. Come ask our professionals if Quartz is best for your project!


More than 160 colours of Granite are available. Only a simple sketch is needed to get a price estimate for a Granite Countertop. Cornwall Concrete Products provides complete installation including on-site templating.


Dekton has a very high heat rating and is nearly indestructible. Additionally, it isn’t affected by UV rays so you can use it both indoors and outdoors without worries.