Bulk Aggregate & Mulch

Choosing The Right Aggregates Can Make A Big Difference In Your Projects Finish And Budget. Come By And Let Our Experts Guide You Through The Right Choice.

Bulk landscaping materials can be the small budget-friendly addition to your landscape or the finishing touch to your outdoor space overhaul; either way, it plays a vital role in the overall project and requires some thought to get the right product and fit.

Cornwall Concrete Products stores quality landscaping materials in bulk for pick-up or delivery and bagged for your convenience. You can choose from coloured and natural mulches, Riverstone, white marble, gravel, stone dust, sand and sod.

Not sure what you need? Come by our retail store; we can guide you through your options and help you make the best selection for your outdoor landscaping project.


Woodchips and mulch are often used in areas that need water control and work well at the footing of trees and bushes. They naturally soak up and retain water keeping the ground underneath damp while mitigating puddles. For this reason, laying mulch in your garden is becoming increasingly more popular. Available in a variety of colours, including a natural finish, mulch and woodchips are cost-effective and maintenance-free solutions for many landscaping projects.


A solution that creates a stunning finish and improved draining, Riverstone is a favourite among industry pros because of it’s versatility and cost. Usually seen as a cost-effective upgrade to mulch, Riverstone comes in a variety of finishes and colours so you can match the right stone with your outdoor space.

White Marble

If you’re looking for a clean classic look for your outdoor space than White Marble is for you. Its natural characteristics give it a blended look by combining both a soft brushed finish with a glistening sparkle making it unique footer to your landscaping project.

Gravel, Stone Dust, Sand & Sod

At the core of many landscaping projects, both big and small, require filler aggregates like gravel, stone dust, sand or sod. Each of these fillers has its own individual characteristics that make it ideal for certain uses but also ill-advised for others. Be sure to come by our shop to get the right advice from our team of experts.