Natural Stone

Cornwall Concrete Products Supplies An Extensive Range Of Natural Stone Including Granite, Limestone And Sandstone.

Natural stone elements are a great way to enhance your outdoor living space. We can help you find the right natural look for your pathways, patios, gardens, or any other area that you might want a more natural look in your landscape.

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We have access to an extensive range of natural stone including Granite, Limestone and Sandstone. We stock material suited to patios and pathways, walls, and hearths. We can source any variety, size or format of stone to suit your needs. We can also arrange delivery and help you select a budget-friendly professional to install your natural stone.

Granite Stone

Granite is among the favourites for many industry pros because of its range of beautiful styles and its durability. The Ancient Greeks would use granite for many of its structures, some that are still standing strong today. Granite also comes in a variety of colours and styles making it equally beautiful and unique.


Many famous edifices are constructed using limestone. As dense as marble, limestone is known as a heavy, hard-wearing stone with a lightly textured surface which makes it an excellent material for patios and pathways. It’s also known for its insulating properties; it’s unlikely to get too cold in the winter or too hot for bare feet in the summer.


Because of its sand and quartz composition, Sandstone is often used in facades and accent pieces adding a glistening decorative element to any landscape, outdoor space or siding project. Sandstone typically comes in a range of colours between beige, brown and red, depending on the deposit’s geological makeup.