Outdoor Kitchen

When You Begin Thinking About Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen It’s Important To Be Realistic About How Much Time You’ll Spend Out There.

As well, make a list of what is going to be really important to you in your outdoor kitchen, do you want potters for flowers? Are you going to be installing a fridge? What about a water feature or sink? How about a grill, and if so, a gas grill? propane? charcoal All of these questions are very important to have in your mind when you start designing your outdoor kitchen. If you need guidance on some of these questions, at least have a good idea about what is the priority for you when you are building.

You need to have a very deep understanding of what your expectations are going to be for the kitchen and make decisions upon that going forth. You should also be thinking about the future of your home, will you be staying in your home forever or are you planning on selling?

If this is your forever home then you can think about installing more permanent stone options that would be beautiful and last forever. However, if you’re planning on moving then the new owners may not see the value in what you had installed. Urban bonfire, one of our suppliers, takes care of this. They have created customizable living areas made from marine-grade aluminum that is powder coated and has all kinds of different modules to meet everyone’s individual needs. They will even go as far as customizing the counter head for whichever insert grill you decide to go with.

Since this line isn’t permanent you can pull it apart and bring it with you to your new home if you want. Urban Bonfire recommends that you use Dekton for the countertops because it is very resistant to UV and the elements, giving you the ability to leave it out all year long.


When it comes down to getting a BBQ to complement your outdoor kitchen, Cornwall Concrete has a wide variety of inset BBQs available to go with your new outdoor kitchen. Whether you want charcoal, gas or propane we have the BBQ for you. We also stock the Big Green Egg, with a large selection of accessories to go with it.