House Brick & Stone

Cornwall Concrete Products Supplies A Wide Variety Of Brand-Name House Brick And Stone. When You Decide To Install Stone On Your Home There Are A Few Things You Should Consider Before Going Into The Store.

The First Thing That You Should Think Of Is What Is Your Colour Scheme?

Are you looking for Greys? Neutral? Natural? Picking these will really help with narrowing down your choices. When thinking about your colour scheme, you should take into consideration the other colours on your facade, things like your windows, doors, roof colours should all be taken into consideration when deciding. You want everything to match and blend properly so choosing ones that work well together is very important. Having the other facades’ colours pre-picked out is usually nice but not necessary, however, the stone is usually easier to pick out once you have that all chosen.

The Next Thing Is Textures

Are you going with a modern, country, contemporary, or traditional textured look? This will yet again help with narrowing down the options so you get exactly what you’re looking for.


You should have a good idea what your budget will be, remember all our suppliers have a very similar warranty and guarantees, what changes from supplier to supplier is the style of stones and colours.


It is a very good idea to drive around the city and do some pre-research so you have a decent idea of what you would like your home to look like. Following home improvement sites and social media pages is another great idea to generate ideas and get some direction. Cornwall Concrete’s Facebook page is always showing inspirational ideas and tips for situations just like this.